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The UK Has Fined Clearview AI $9.4 Million
The hits keep on coming for Clearview AI, with the UK's privacy watchdog fining the company $9.4 million and demanding it delete its data on UK reside...
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Clearview AI Dealt Major Blow in Court
Clearview AI was dealt a major blow in court, agreeing to completely revamp its business within the US....
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More Surveillance Than China — Clearview AI’s Business Plan
Few companies would proudly tout their business plan as offering more comprehensive surveillance than China, but that's exactly what Clearview AI is d...
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Clearview AI Dealt Blow in Canada, Called Illegal
Clearview AI has been dealt its biggest blow yet, with Canada calling the app illegal and demanding it delete photos of Canadian citizens....
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UK and Australia Open Joint Investigation Into Clearview AI
The UK and Australia have announced a joint investigation into Clearview AI—to cheers of privacy advocates the world over....
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ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Clearview AI
The ACLU has filed a lawsuit in Illinois against facial recognition firm Clearview AI....
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‘Fool Me Once…’ — Clearview AI Promises to End Private Contracts
Clearview AI has promised it will end all contracts with private companies in the face of public backlash and lawsuits....
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Vermont Sues Clearview AI For Breaking Data Laws
Vermont Attorney General Donovan has filed a lawsuit against Clearview AI, claiming the facial recognition firm has broken multiple state laws....
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Clearview AI Caught Lying About Who Can Use Its Software
The hits keep on coming: Clearview AI has been caught lying about who can access its controversial facial recognition software....
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Clearview AI App Disabled On the App Store
Clearview AI’s troubles continue to mount, with the company's app being disabled on the App Store for violating Apple’s rules....
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Clearview AI’s Client List Stolen
Clearview AI has reported that its entire client list has been stolen by an intruder who “gained unauthorized access.”...
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Clearview AI Expanding Internationally—With Authoritarian Regimes
In further proof that Clearview AI can’t be trusted, BuzzFeed News is reporting the facial recognition firm is planning on selling its services to a...
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Troubles Mount For Clearview AI, Facial Recognition Firm
According to a report by The Verge, Clearview AI is facing challenges to both its credibility and the legality of the service it provides. On the heel...
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LinkedIn Prevails Against hiQ in Website Scraping Lawsuit
LinkedIn has won its lawsuit against hiQ over the latter's practice of scraping data from LinkedIn's website against the company's User Agreement....
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NJ Bans Clearview; Company Faces Potential Class-Action
Facial recognition firm Clearview AI is facing a potential class-action lawsuit, while simultaneously being banned from being used by NJ police, accor...
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Senators Introduce Bill to Temporarily Ban Law Enforcement Facial Recognition
The proposed bill (PDF) comes in the wake of revelations that law enforcement agencies across the country have been using Clearview AI’s software....
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Europe Poised to Ban Police Use of Facial Recognition
Europe is once again establishing itself as a leader in privacy protection, preparing to ban the use of facial recognition by law enforcement....
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’Fourth Amendment Is Not For Sale Act’ Tackles Warrantless Surveillance
A proposed piece of legislation would tackle surveillance and the warrantless purchase of individual location data....
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Portland Cracks Down on Facial Recognition
Portland has instituted a sweeping ban on facial recognition, the broadest such ban in the US....
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Legislation Would Ban Federal Law Enforcement From Using Facial Recognition
Senators Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley have introduced legislation that would ban federal law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition....
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