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The Avengers Sequel Will Have Record-Breaking Number Of Visual Effects
Special visual effects were what made the fight scenes of the film The Avengers look amazing, and its sequel will reportedly be benefiting from a reco...
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The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Comic-Con Teaser Trailer
This past summer Joss Whedon surprised fans when he revealed the title of the sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers, “The Avengers: Age of Ultro...
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Villain For The Avengers Sequel Revealed At Comic-Con [Updated]
Although it isn’t scheduled for release until the summer of 2015, details about the sequel to last summer’s billion-dollar smash, The Aven...
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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer Features Loki And The Avengers
Since it was announced earlier this year, fans have been eagerly awaiting new details on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Who’s the villain? Who can we...
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Battleship: Can the Upcoming Actioner Defeat The Avengers?
“Battleship”, the latest cinematic endeavor from “The Rundown” director Peter Berg, is a big-budget adaptation of the popular ...
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The Avengers Apparently Waged A War On Adopted Kids
Has everyone had the chance to see The Avengers yet? I sure hope so – it’s pure escapism at its finest. Critics and fans agree that itR...
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“The Avengers” Stays Atop The Box Office
Marvel’s Disney’s “The Avengers” had a rather strange journey to get where it is today. When Disney bought Marvel in 2009 for ...
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The Avengers On Parade Pays Respect To Maurice Sendak
With the unfortunate death of Maurice Sendak, the Internet has been busy coming up with different ways to pay their respects to the groundbreaking chi...
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The Avengers Motion Controlled Game Announcement
Today Ubisoft and Marvel have announced a joint venture to make a motion controlled “The Avengers” game based on this summer’s extre...
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The Avengers Sequel Is On The Way
As you make your second, third, and maybe even fourth trip to your local theaters to re-live The Avengers magic once again, you can now relax in knowi...
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The Avengers Hulk-Smashes Box Office Records, and My Expectations
I can’t stop thinking about The Avengers; every time I try, some scene will randomly pop up in my head which immediately leads to me smiling. Ha...
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The Avengers Facebook Game Gets Movie Tie-In
Social games are a driving force behind why Facebook has become the giant that it is. The amount of profit that they can make is enormous. Marvel deci...
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The Avengers Has Not One, But Two Bonus Scenes
When Marvel Comics makes a movie, chances are there will be bonus scenes added, and they normally appear after the credits have rolled. The Avengers w...
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Did Someone Delete The Avengers Movie?
Yes, as a matter of fact, they did. Not only that, but the projectionist who deleted it ruined it for everyone else because that was the only digital ...
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The Avengers Created By Items From Target
Target commissioned ad agency Wieden + Kennedy from Portland, Oregon to create an Avengers ad for their insert in the Entertainment Weekly Issue #1203...
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The Avengers Makes Almost $200 Million Overseas
If you’re living in the U.S. and just can’t wait any longer to see The Avengers, there’s an alternative: you can always dust your pa...
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The Avengers Trailers You Didn’t See
The Avengers media blitz has been ridiculous. The film isn’t due out for over a week and I think I have already seen 75% of the movie. From trai...
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The Avengers Mashup Movie Posters
(image) Attention people! The internets are at it again. This time with the help of Empire, they have created a collection of some Avengers Mash-up po...
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The Avengers Hulk Clip Revealed On Graham Norton
(image) The buzz around the intranets is that Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, in this summer’s blockbuster “The Avengers“, completely stea...
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New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer To Assemble With The Avengers
As if you needed another excuse to go see The Avengers… What we have is Warner Brothers announcing they’re plans to release another full-l...
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